office support on demand

How does it work?

Your work will never be outsourced. All work is done right here in the United States of America.​​

Below is a small sample of what The Essential Admin regularly carries out for clients:

  • Bookkeeping
  • Dynamic PowerPoint Presentations
  • Spreadsheets and charts
  • Word Processing
  • Logo Design
  • Transcription
  • Newsletters, Bulletins, Press Releases
  • Booking Travel
  • Database Management
  • Writing Board Reports
  • Budgeting

What can The Essential Admin do for me?

​Located in the tampa bay area

No problem! Your initial consult is free. We can chat about where your business is and where you want it to be and then build a plan from there. Don't be intimidated. Shoot me an email ( ) or call (727.519.5442) and we'll get started!

Yes, work can be done in any of the 50 States - all that's needed is internet access and a phone.

It's simple! You and The Essential Admin communicate and deliver work via email, phone, fax, Skype, Dropbox, Google Docs or in person.

No. Here are several benefits you can expect when you go with The Essential Admin:

  • No Employee Tax, Social Security, Medicare, Worker's Comp, or any Benefis - I am self-employed and bear this responsibility.
  • No Downtime - you pay for time on task or by project and nothing more.
  • Access to a professional and highly trained Executive Assistant.
  • No need to provide office equipment or space.
  • No need to advertise and interview candidates.
  • Fresh ideas and perspectives on administration management for your business.
  • Opportunity to partner with a business owner whose success is based on YOUR success.
  • Support on an "as needed" basis, with fast turnaround times.
  • Weekend and evening assistance.​​

The Essential Admin is located in Tampa Bay, do you do work outside of Florida?

What if I have no idea of what I need?

Will my work be outsourced to a foreign country?

Why use The Essential Admin?  Wouldn't a temp employee do just as well?

What does "Office Support On-Demand" mean?


"Office Support On-Demand" means I provide administrative help to businesses, non-profit organizations, and individuals whenever help is needed - whether it's at odd hours or on weekends - at your location or in my fully equipped home office.