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There are hundreds of things The Essential Admin can do for you 

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Personal or Business Finances:  Using QuickBooks, Quicken or Mint, I will process your, invoices, bill payments, job-costing, bank and credit card expenditures, account reconciliations, and payroll. Work can be done at your location or remotely.

Creating | Editing | Proofreading:  Whether it's a manuscript, academic paper, or business report, The Essential Admin will create, edit, and proofread your documents.  

Transcription:  The Essential Admlin offers general transcription services of digital audio files, and handwritten or print materials.  No job is too big or too small!

Word Processing:  Whether it's a single-page letter or a multi-volume report, count on The Essential Admin to produce a high-quality, professional-looking document every time.

Data Management

Data Entry:  Keeping databases up-to-date is frequently neglected.  The Essential Admin will perform all data entry to ensure that you have the most current information at your fingertips.

Database Design:  Organize your customer contacts, vendors, inventory, and other types of information with customized databased designed by The Essential Admin.

Database Maintenance:  There's more to maintenance than data entry.  The Essential Admin will design and produce reports to your specifications, and we'll use your data for your bulk mailings and broadcast email.

Spreadsheets:  Not all data belongs in a database.  Certain data work better in spreadsheet format.  The Essential admin will design clear, organized, and functional spreadsheets.


​Website Design & Maintenance

PowerPoint Presentations

Logo Design

Marketing, Sales Materials and Forms

Calendar Management

Travel - International and Domestic

Internet Research

​General Administrative Tasks